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5 Essential Skills For Disaster Preparedness

Today’s discussion is about something typically glossed over in the ‘prepping’ world, and that is essential survival skills. There are some people talking about firelighting, or methods one can use in inclement conditions to start a fire. And there are those, like me, who discuss water treatment, storage, and use. There are also a few good tutorial channels on YouTube, offering instruction on emergency or primitive shelter building. The problem is, that information is sparse, and most of it relies heavily on gadgets and products you can buy to make surviving a disaster a little easier. My mantra has always been – why buy a gadget to do it for me, when I can just learn how to do it without. Continue reading “5 Essential Skills For Disaster Preparedness”

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How To Treat & Store Emergency Water Supplies

My focus recently has been on water – how much to store and why – and today is no different, in this post I’ll discuss safe storage of emergency water. You read here, about how much water you should keep stocked in your Evacuation Kit (or BoB, Go-Bag, etc.), and here I explained the theory behind the numbers – why recommended amounts vary, and how to assess your own needs. Continue reading “How To Treat & Store Emergency Water Supplies”

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Essential Books For The Prepper’s Library

The world of Disaster Preparedness can sometimes leave one wanting. But the one thing we have an abundance of, is people willing to impart their knowledge by writing books about everything under the sun. In fact, in the current political climate, Disaster Preparedness books are among the fastest growing genres around. Continue reading “Essential Books For The Prepper’s Library”

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Understanding Emergency Water Recommendations

As any knowledgeable disaster prepper or survivalist knows, of the three critical pillars of any emergency kit or plan – water, food, and fire – water is perhaps the most critical resource one needs to provide for. Depending on the environment in which you live, and the state of your local infrastructure, water can be the single deciding factor in your survival when the you-know-what hits the you-know-where. Continue reading “Understanding Emergency Water Recommendations”

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The Basic 72-Hour Evacuation Kit

Here it is, folks. Your no fuss, no confusion, easy to understand guide to building a no-nonsense emergency evacuation kit or 72-hour bag. According to the US Army, most people caught in an emergency evacuation will need to provide for themselves for up to a maximum of 72 hours (three days), before authorities are able to intervene and offer direct assistance. These kits are known by many different names – bug out bags (BoB), go-bags, jumpout kits, SHTF bags – but they all contain these critical items: Continue reading “The Basic 72-Hour Evacuation Kit”

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A Realistic View of Nuclear Power and Its Dangers


As of April of 2017, there are 449 nuclear power generating reactors in 30 countries around the planet. With another 60 new reactors scheduled to come online within the next five years. According to Declan Butler of the journal Nature, some 200 million people around the world live and work within 75 kilometres (50 miles) of a nuclear power reactor. That’s roughly 2.8% of the global population. Continue reading “A Realistic View of Nuclear Power and Its Dangers”

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When Is The Right Time To Prepare?

How many pictures of people carrying children through waist-deep flood waters do you need to see? How many videos of families huddled together on rooftops in their pajamas will it take? How many news articles about wildfires raging, or earthquakes swallowing cities, or “terrorist” attacks, or protests turned riot do you need to witness before you’ll finally act? When will you realise that the odds are in favour of nature and your turn is coming? Continue reading “When Is The Right Time To Prepare?”