Prepare for the March to Focus on Change


The idea behind prepping culture is, largely, an effort to make one’s self ready for what many believe is the inevitable day when the shit hits the fan. And seeing as I write this the day before Donald Trump’s inauguration to the office of the President of the United States of America, it seems like the fans are being set up as we speak.

In protest of the Trump presidency, and the overall rise of fascism, intolerance, and general nastiness the world over, some thousands of women (and the men who support them), or perhaps even millions, are preparing to march on the US Capitol, as well as in major cities across the US, Canada, the UK and many other countries. This march is a powerful show of solidarity and passion in the face of what experts are calling the least experienced and least educated presidential cabinet in the history of the United States. Of course, whenever good people stand in opposition to dark forces, those dark forces marshal their own form of protest, and clashes between the two are almost certain.

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Welcome to Prepared In Canada

With the events of this past week – the massive wildfire raging out of control in northern Alberta, which resulted in the total mandatory evacuation of the city of Fort McMurray, AB, displacing some 80,000 people – many questions are being asked about what could have been done to expedite the evacuation, and how authorities could have better prepared the citizens for what lay ahead in that confusing and stressful process.

A theme is emerging from the many conversations that surround this dynamic and unpredictable fire; that theme is preparedness.  The mandatory evacuation order for Fort McMurray was issued at 9:30 am on Wednesday May 4th (and there are caveats that go with that order that we’ll get into in a moment).  But it’s important to understand that a voluntary evacuation order was issued more than 48 hours prior to that.  Officials knew this fire was going to be a problem for the city of Fort McMurray, and by all accounts, did everything they could to warn residents of the impending danger.  Some residents heeded that warning, others did not.

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